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Nisaa is a global impact strategist, policy advisor and trained solicitor with private equity experience across impact curation, ESG, SDG metric build out across mid-cap PE portfolios (USD 15-100 mil) in the regulated investment management space.  Senior level board positions across the globe ranking as most senior ESG officer, Head of Impact & In-House Counsel across a portfolio that spanned three nations. She is ranked by the Founder Institute(FI) (FI produced Udemy, launched over 6000 companies across six continent’s with an alumni worth $ 30BN) within the Top 20 Impact & Sustainability Start-Up Leaders across Europe

Nisaa is a Member of the National Climate Taskforce with the United States’ Department of Energy (DoE) and EOPA. Separately within her personal capacity, Nisaa Jetha was selected as one of 27 Climate Challenge Labs inside the Innovation Lab at the United Nations COP27.

Nisaa Jetha Davos Speaker

Nisaa Jetha Moderating at the World Economic Forum during a Side Event at Davos.

Nisaa was selected as Founding United Kingdom Member of Chief. Chief holds 77% of the top executive / C-Suite women globally for Fortune 100 companies with a waitlist of 60,000+.

Current Director and Global Head of Impact, ESG & Sustainability at UMusic Hotels (the joint venture between the world’s largest music group, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Dakia UVentures).

Nisaa is a Board Member at a United Nations IGO, Curator of ImpactforSDGs, and the previous Global Ambassador for Climate Change at the Centre for Responsible Leadership (alongside Al Gore’s VP Nominee Senator Lieberman) partnered with President Bill Clinton & John Hopkin’s University. She is part of 100Women@Davos, was a Keynote Speaker at COP26 (openCOP) & moderated at Davos (WEF) 2022 & 2023 on a panel with Professor Johan Rockström (Rockström has pioneered work on the planetary boundaries framework, first published in 2009. The nine planetary boundaries presented in the framework, from climate to biodiversity, are argued to be fundamental in maintaining a “safe operating space for humanity).

Nisaa Jetha at World Economic Forum

Nisaa Jetha Moderates at Davos – World Economic Forum (WEF)


“Forums like Davos are key to catalysing and delivering on the SDGs. A key focus during my time at COP26 was understanding how emerging markets can further Agenda 2030. I started to build around a term I used “climate leapfrogging” which in the environmental space outlines how emerging and developing nations can leapfrog to modern, clean technologies which is an integral part of climate resilience, mitigation and capacity building. It also informs that some of the brightest and biggest solutions may have the opportunity to come from emerging markets as we see with the case studies around mobile banking. Looking forward to being part of green solutions”


Nisaa Jetha,Davos Returns & Leaders Unite to Further Climate Commitments –US Politics Today


The White House  – Department of Energy (DoE).  Nisaa Jetha attended two marquis events in Washington D.C. August 16th 2022 during the the biggest week for climate with over 450 local and state elected officials in Washington DC last week to meet with Biden Administration officials from the Council on Environmental Quality and the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, as well as Department of Energy Loan Program Office Head Jigar Shah. The Climate Emergency Summit connected elected officials, innovators, and investors to support deployment and implementation of climate solutions nation-wide. Energy Industry Today| NATO News Today | UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today | Environmental News Today

Nisaa Jetha, Global Impact Strategist, commented:

“Setting out strategies to mobilise private sector finance ahead of COP27 in Egypt are key, and the IRA 2022 sets an example on the global stage that celebrates one of greatest commercial opportunities of our time to unlock further capital.” World Governments Watch | The Government Digest | International News Ledger | International World Times | International Business Watch | Economic Policy Times | Global Media Watch | Global Media Watch | World Politics Report | European Environmental News





Nisaa launched an energy governance group in the highest house of UK Parliament (House of Lords) (2015) hosted by Under-Secretary of State for International Development & Climate Minister through the membership organisation she founded JCI (p.o.). JCI has global affiliations with the Council of Europe, Economic and Social Chamber of the UN & International Chamber of Commerce.

Nisaa was a pioneer and structured the organisation around the SDGs as JCI was moving from the MDGs into the SDGs and selected alongside 150+ Heads of State to the global adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (2015). Instrumental in curating a focus event at COP21, serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) which took place in France, and resulted in the Paris Agreement (Paris Climate Accord), she also presented her energy governance strategy to the Nigerian government alongside Ambassador Diane E. Watson (Former Member of US Congress) and UNESCO Liaison Officer (2016).

Nisaa has been a speaker in UK Parliament on increasing female representation in politics & Int’l governance and worked as a policy analyst and speech writer for Canada’s previous Special Envoy to Sudan inside The Senate of Canada (upper house of Canadian Parliament). She was awarded the Ambassador for Peace Award (UPF), nominated by the United State of Women Summit hosted by The White House and selected by UN Women to curate one of the global 92Y Genius Panels (MSNBC gathered 32 world shakers) on Google Campus also sitting on one of the only global working groups for youth and gender equality with the United Nations (UN Women). She is a Contributing Writer for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Entrepreneur.


Having a keen interest in energy governance, carbon neutral solutions and climate change she was instrumental in curating a side-event at COP21, the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) which took place in Paris, France and resulted in the Paris Agreement. The plenary engaged the USAID Director of Climate Projects, the Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, the Managing Director of Africa Power, the Principal Partner at Development Three alongside an influential global advocate that has advised governments.


Through the platform she launched, Impact-for-SDGs, Nisaa Jetha was invited to the global climate discussions COP26 (November 2021) in Glasgow to engage on an array of topical climate mitigation issues to further the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nisaa Jetha at COP26

Nisaa Jetha was a keynote speaker at COP26 (openCOP)



Nisaa Jetha sat on the only global inter-agency working group for youth and gender equality for almost three years with UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women;  Goodwill Ambassadors include Nicole KidmanEmma Watson, alongside supporters such as Malala Yousafzai, and Oprah.  She was selected by UN Women and 92Y to curate one of the only 32 global UK Genius events on Google Campus.


Nisaa Jetha Curates 92Y 7 Days of Genius on Google Campus in collaboration with United Nations Women

Nisaa Jetha Curates 92Y 7 Days of Genius on Google Campus in collaboration with United Nations Women



Nisaa has been involved global governance platforms and been a speaker in UK Parliament on increasing female representation in politics & international governance. She also moderated at The British Awards for African Development, presented her energy governance strategy to the Chief of Staff of the First Lady of Nigeria (H.E. Buhari) alongside Ambassador Diane E. Watson (Former Member of US Congress) and UNESCO Liaison Officer at the International Strategic Alliance Committee Summit.

She speaks globally on the SDGs/ impact investing and selected as a specialist keynote speaker (06.2020) at the United Nations 75th Dialogue on “Economic Transformation Building Back” on strategic thematic solutions for the future alongside the Chief of Strategy for the United Nations 75th Anniversary, Global Head of the UN SDG Campaign and Deputy Head of Global Shapers.


Nisaa Jetha Speaking at Commonwealth Summit

Nisaa Jetha Speaking at the Commonwealth Summit (Africa Initiative)


Nisaa Jetha Speaking at Commonwealth Summit

Nisaa Jetha Speaking at Commonwealth Summit (Africa Initiative)


Nisaa Jetha Selected by UN SDG Campaign to Discuss Post-Pandemic Trends

Nisaa Jetha Selected by UN SDG Campaign to Discuss Post-Pandemic Trends for the United Nations 75th Anniversary



Nisaa has been a keynote at an array of impact investing forums and committed to catalyzing finance into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a specific focus on net-zero & regenerative solutions.


Nisaa Jetha Keynote Speaker on ESG & Sustainable Finance

Nisaa Jetha Keynote Speaker on ESG & Sustainable Finance


Nisaa Jetha keynote at World Impact Investing Forum

Nisaa Jetha keynote at World Impact Investing Forum alongside BlackRock, UBS, World Bank (IFC), European Union (Head of Unit), Net Purpose, Carbon Tracker and various philanthropic foundations such as the MacArthur Foundation.



Nisaa Jetha was a keynote subject matter expert at the ESG World Forum on Supporting Sustainable Growth Through ESG Data: A Strategic Metric to Drive Profitability, Efficiency and Risk Avoidance and Implementing an effective ESG Strategy from the Top Down in 2022.  The ESG World Forum brought together a range of leading ESG experts and executive speakers from a range of industries as  major companies consider ESG strategies. She is also a judge for Vivobarefoot’s Innovation Ocean Prize exploring human and planetary health and regenerative nature-based solutions.

Esg World Forum

Nisaa Jetha Speaking at the ESG World Forum


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