Nisaa Jetha is currently the Director and Global Head of Impact & Sustainability (Executive Committee Member) at UMusic Hotels (the joint venture between the world’s largest music group, Universal Music Group and Dakia U-Ventures & Curator of ImpactforSDGs.

Nisaa is a qualified solicitor of England & Wales with private equity experience across impact curation, ESG, SDG metric build out across mid-cap PE portfolios (USD 15-100 mil) previously ranking as most senior Impact officer across a portfolio that spanned three nations.  She is the Curator of ImpactforSDGs, and the former Global Ambassador for Climate Change at the Centre for Responsible Leadership (alongside Al Gore’s VP Nominee Senator Lieberman) partnered with President Bill Clinton & John Hopkin’s University. Nisaa is part of 100Women@Davos, was a Keynote Speaker at COP26 (openCOP) & selected as a Guide at The Resolution Project. She has been a Contributing Writer for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Entrepreneur.

Nisaa launched an energy governance group in the highest house of UK Parliament (2015) hosted by Under-Secretary of State for International Development & Climate Minister through the membership organisation she founded JCI (p.o.). JCI has global affiliations with the Council of Europe, Economic and Social Chamber of the UN & International Chamber of Commerce. Nisaa was a pioneer and structured the organisation around the SDGs later invited alongside 150+ Heads of State to the global adoption of the UN SDGs (2015).

Instrumental in curating a focus event at COP21 (Paris Climate Accord), and speaker in UK Parliament on increasing female representation in politics & International governance, she has also worked as a policy analyst and speech writer for Canada’s previous Special Envoy to Sudan inside The Senate of Canada and awarded the Ambassador for Peace Award (UPF), and nominated by the United State of Women Summit hosted by The White House.

Selected by UN Women to curate one of the global 92Y Genius Panels (MSNBC gathered 32 world shakers) on Google Campus, Nisaa was part of one of the only global working groups for youth and gender equality with the United Nations (UN Women).

Nisaa Jetha was ranked within the Top 20 Impact & Sustainability Leaders across Europe as a successful local founder who leads the ecosystem by the Founder Institute. In total, Founder Institute Alumni are worth an estimated $30BN and produced around 1,300 companies including UdemyKindara, and Zirtual.


Nisaa Jetha as a keynote at the World Economic Forum



Nisaa Jetha was awarded the Ambassador for Peace Award (UPF) and separately nominated by the United State of Women Summit hosted by The White House. Nisaa was asked to represent the United Kingdom at the United Nations through the membership organisation she launched in UK Parliament. She was also selected to advise key UN officials on a private Braintrust for scaling peace and restorative justice models to catalyse community development and climate change solutions. She is part of a 100 Women at Davos (World Economic Forum), launched at Davos on January 2020 for C-Suite women working towards participation in leadership at all levels of decision making. Members include Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala the current Director General of the World Trade Organisation.  

Nisaa is on the LP Steering Committee of the Fourth Floor, Guide at the Resolution Project, Cosmos Member (RegenIntel), Member of the World Economic Forum (Impact C), Board Member at a United Nations IGO, Curator & Founder of ImpactforSDGs, Future H. (Hero), GGPN Leadership Team, Member of the National Climate Taskforce (United States’ Department of Energy (DoE) and EOPA) & Culture Council Member of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Separately, within her personal capacity, Nisaa Jetha was selected as one of 27 Climate Challenge Labs inside the Innovation Lab at the United Nations COP27. She is the previous Global Ambassador for Climate Change at the Centre for Responsible Leadership (alongside Al Gore’s VP Nominee Senator Lieberman) partnered with President Bill Clinton & John Hopkin’s University & part of 100Women@Davos.



Nisaa Jetha holds a BA (Hons) in International Development Studies from McGill University, an LLB (Hons) from the University of London with post-graduate diplomas in International Law from the University of Nottingham and bar from the University of Law.  She is a qualified solicitor of England & Wales. She was asked to take part in Harvard Kennedy’s School of Government Initiative for Responsive Investing (IRI) developed in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.



  • Advisor (Guide) 
      • Board of Directors Include: Director & Associate General Counsel (Deutsche Bank), National Programs Lead (Apple), Former Secretary General of Intl Chamber of Commerce, COO of Deloitte Global, Global Head of Sustainable Investing (JP Morgan), VP of Blackstone Charitable Foundation.



Nisaa Jetha has been referenced, cited and/or profiled in the following media for her work across international relations, global governance forums and her international speaking engagements.


United Nations adoption of the SDGs



United Nations Inter-Governmental Organisation (IGO). Nisaa is Director (Board of Directors) on a United Nations Inter-Governmental Organisation, The Be Earth Foundation (Be Earth). An IGO is comprised mainly of sovereign states or other IGOs, like the World Health Organisation (WHO), The World Bank, and other global actors. IGOs are involved in treaty making and often have international legal status which bind the IGO and its Member States under international law. IGOs differ from NGOs in that they work at the highest level of government with Heads of State. Be Earth advises, assists and enables in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on behalf 12 countries with which it has Treaties. 


World Logic Day, observed annually on January 14th, promotes the importance of logic in decision-making. UNESCO and partners aim to raise awareness about logic’s role in advancing knowledge and technology. The event fosters collaboration among experts and advocates for logic’s integration into global initiatives. It highlights the significance of human intelligence and envisions a future where logic drives progress. The event also addresses contemporary challenges and celebrates logic’s central role in scientific inquiry and societal advancement. 


Nisaa Jetha, a solicitor qualified in England & Wales, brings extensive expertise from the private equity sector, having served as In-House Counsel within asset management, at times overseeing portfolios across multiple nations, with a specific emphasis on benchmarking against the SDGs. Her portfolio and proficiency include advising on innovative legal frameworks that leverage catalytic finance within both philanthropic and blended finance vehicles, employing pioneering legal structures to deploy catalytic finance across diverse jurisdictions. Actively involved in the legal network dedicated to social impact, she makes substantial contributions to initiatives like the UN Global Compact, advocating for new models of responsible governance and driving forward inclusive and sustainable capitalism.


Nisaa was a previous Global Expert and on the Impact Committee of Consilience Ventures one of the first tokenised venture-capital funds where she advised and supported their portfolio companies and recommended investment opportunities.  She also consults for other funds/ PE managers across impact advisory strategy.  Nisaa has private equity experience across emerging markets with public market exposure and has curated global impact strategy, benchmarked the United Nation’s SDGs across mid-cap private equity deals and headed departments inside FCA regulated investment managers across Impact. She has been the highest ranking Environmental and Social Management System Officer across three separate geographies designated by the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group).

THRIVE GLOBALThrive Global seeks to raise awareness and create real and tangible  solutions to help individuals, companies and communities improve their well-being and performance to unlock their greatest potential. 

Nisaa Jetha was a Contributor for Huffington’s Thrive Global, see a piece of her work found here. 



UN Initiatives

 Global Civil Society Led Initiative  – Beijing +25 and Generation Equality Forum — Advisory Working Group to the Core Group representing civil society’s best interests and needs in the planning process for the Generation Equality Forums (UN Women)

  • NGO -CSW
    • The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. A functional commission of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), it was established by ECOSOC resolution 11(II) of 21 June 1946.The CSW is instrumental in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women. In 1996, ECOSOC in resolution 1996/6 (see p. 20) expanded the Commission’s mandate and decided that it should take a leading role in monitoring and reviewing progress and problems in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and in mainstreaming a gender perspective in UN activities.



Nisaa Jetha Launches Africa's Alternative Energy Summit & Exhibition (House of Commons) Nisaa Jetha inside United Kingdom’s Parliament (House of Commons) in 2015 as Community Director (London) of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI). JCI has global affiliations with UNESCO, Council of Europe, Economic & Social Chamber of the United Nations and in a World Partnership with The International Chamber of Commerce.[/caption]

Nisaa Jetha At The United Nations As Founder Of Junior Chamber International Kensington (p.o.)

Nisaa Jetha at The United Nations (General Assembly) as Founder of Junior Chamber International Kensington (p.o.). Nisaa Jetha launched JCI Kensington (p.o.) inside the House of Lords.

Nisaa Jetha Speaking At Un Women At The Institute Of Directors 2016

Nisaa Jetha as Key-Note Speaker at the Institute of Directors alongside UN Women on International Women’s Day (March 2016). Nisaa  addressed a closed group on global governance and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nisaa Jetha Moderating inside UK Parliament

Nisaa Jetha moderated inside United Kingdom’s Parliament (House of Lords) October 2019 on Brexit and Continued Financing of Disruptive Technology in Africa. Select panelists were Justina Mutale (acclaimed as one of the most influential women of African origin), Her Excellency Marie Ndjeka Opombo (Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo), The Right Honourable Lord Anthony Tudor St John of Bletsol (House of Lords).

Nisaa Jetha Leading Impact Professional and Global Strategist

Nisaa Jetha selected to advise and lecture at the International Strategic Alliance Committee alongside UNESCO. Nisaa Jetha presented her strategy on Energy Governance and SDG 5 to various Government Ministers and Dignitaries.

Nisaa Jetha Addresses Closed Panel Inside House Of Lords (uk Parliament) On Increasing Female Leadership In Political Systems 2016

Nisaa Jetha Addressed A Closed Panel Inside The House of Lords (UK Parliament) on Increasing Female Leadership In Political Systems 2016.

Energy Governance Group

Nisaa Jetha Launched an Energy Governance Group Hosted by then The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development in The House of Lords (UK Parliament) 2016 in her Personal Capacity.

Nisaa Jetha Selected By Un Women & 92 Y To Curate One Of 32 Genius Panels On Google Campus

Nisaa Jetha Selected By UN Women & 92 Y To Curate One Of 32 Genius Panels On Google Campus. She Partnered Directly With Google (Campus), Microsoft Ventures, E&Y, Blooming Founders, Gennex Energies, 92Y & UN Women.

Nisaa Jetha Speaking Inside House of Commons

Nisaa Jetha Addressed The House of Commons (UK Parliament) alongside The Lord Taylor, Ghana Union, Gennex Energies on Democratising Energy Access into the African Continent – 2015.

Nisaa Jetha Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Prime Minister's Trade & Investment Envoy to Ethiopia

Nisaa Jetha Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Prime Minister’s Trade & Investment Envoy to Ethiopia.