Nisaa Jetha Presents Proprietary Impact Model

Nisaa Jetha Presents Proprietary Impact Model


As many investors move toward “impact” investments that seek to generate a positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return — there is quite an expansive range from below market to market rate contingent on the investors goals.  Many of the impact commitments investors face actually fall short on their social-impact commitments as they lack, what Nisaa Jetha presented “responsible governance“.  Nisaa Jetha presented her investment thesis at the World Impact Investment Conference alongside industry veterans under her platform Impact-for-SDGA vertical that engages Nisaa Jetha’s investment thesis is the overarching pillar around “Global Governance”.  Reach out to learn more here.

Global governance is informed, regulated and functions across a set of institutions, rules, and processes that are tasked with managing issues such as diplomatic relations, trade, financial transactions, migration, and climate change. It is governed by holistic concerns with an interest to mediate common interests, furthering public-private collaboration and comprised of global networks that regulate the complex interdependence of our world. The overarching pillar that was presented by Nisaa Jetha suggests that macro-economic issues alongside a global governance pillar informs the investment thesis at the top but a responsible governance lens informs and regulates Environmental – Social & Governance screening.

Other key panellists at the World Impact Investing Forum were Peter Hinton, an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School, at the University of Oxford, Simon Vacklen from Sustainalytics, Sam Duncan the CEO of Net Purpose, alongside leading Impact Investors across

British International Investment
European Investment Bank (EIB)
Lombard Asset Finance 
Carbon Tracker Initiative
Bridges Fund Management
Big Society Capital
Big Issue Invest

Sustainable Development Goals

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