An Innovators Platform, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

This week I am moderating a panel on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence at The African Disruptive Technology Conference in Mayfair.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have gained acceptance in the various pockets of Africa and often seen as the next disruption in the digital space, particularly in the financial sector.

Recently, the machine-learning community has blossomed, applying the technology to challenges like food security and health care. In addition, governments in the region are betting on the technology to improve efficiency in governance, reduce corruption, and create more employment activities.

My curated panel with focus on two innovative technology disruptors Bibimoney and ELAD Tech. I will have the  pleasure of sitting down with Bibimoney’s CFO Debbie Thomas and unravel her views on the space. Bibimoney is a leading London-based fintech company setting out to reconcile the financial sector using its patented SIM-Skin technology that provides secure mobile money wallet services that are agnostic to any provider and phone. A leading technology disruptor in the fintech space democratising the fintech frontier.  For more interest, see how interesting press here.

My other panellist will be the CEO of ELAD Tech, Dale Perkins, who will take me through ELAD Tech’s thesis of The ELAD Network — a Blockchain based Property Agent that allows cross border property sales and fractional ownership of property without the traditional limitations. For more information their White Paper can be found here.